Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Frogs, By Cica Ghost

Visit Frogs here:

Well I've been having the flu for the past almost week and not in SL much in spite of being home doing nothing much.  I just haven't been up for it so yeah, missed a lot of the cool annual Valentines favorites in SL.  But I am feeling a bit better and went to visit Cica Ghost's new "Frogs" sim.  It looks like it opened Feb 5th and she generally seems to keep her sims open for about a month or maybe depending on traffic or something.  She also rarely gives a sim notice explaining her thoughts or explanations about her builds, but they are generally not overly complicated at face value.  I have no clue what she thinks as I don't see her often to ask, so I guess.  But they are always very cool and I try to visit all her builds.  Of course I love this land of frogs.  I have a Flickr group for frogs in SL that I made many years ago so this is right up my alley.  This organic sim is filled with big bouncy or rather more like throbbing frogs since they sort of bounce a little in place, a young girl seemingly drawing her dream of a prince on a old wall, maybe wondering how many frogs she might have to kiss in pursuit, and just on the other side of the door seems to be possibly an older version of herself alone at a table with a heart/valentine on a stick.  She is looking toward a broken TV (be sure to look deep  inside the broken screen for a miniature build) also possible representing broken dreams, as the room seems to be for one, not two? I really don't know Cica's intent but regardless, this earthy frog filled sim is way cool and you can get a free big frog avatar at the landing point. I always enjoy Cica's builds.  Enjoy!

Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost Frogs by Cica Ghost

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Exploring Natural Falls V

Visit Natural Falls V, Domain West owned by Dann (Dannchris) here:

I have to say this is a super cool magical urban decay sim that is both eerie and beautiful at the same time.  Unfortunately it was hard on my poor old computer to explore much and take photos there but what I did see was sooo cool.  I mostly took pictures in what I consider the pretty fantasy garden area but the rest the sim has different feels to it too.  There are some pose spots great for singles and couples  that would make for good photos with avatars in them too. Their sim info. from the destination guide states: "Natural Falls is located in an abandoned, flooded metropolis slowly decaying under a derelict, elevated railway.  Explore this urban sprawl of neglected gardens, forsaken shops, and deserted homes"

Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls Natural Falls

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Emerald Caverns Love Tunnel

Visit Emerald Caverns Love Tunnel here:

I was checking out the SL destination guide and saw this fantasy looking ride and wanted to give it a try, so I invited Cash Benelli to come along and try it out with me.  It's called Emerald Caverns Love Tunnel but the boat pose is a very G rated side by side sit, the music playing was techno, and the ride was very fantasy looking.  Overall a fun, relaxing and pretty ride.  This would make for a quick nice casual scenic location to enjoy with a friend or a date.

Emerald Caverns, Love Tunnel Emerald Caverns, Love Tunnel Emerald Caverns, Love Tunnel Emerald Caverns, Love Tunnel Emerald Caverns, Love Tunnel

Monday, January 30, 2017

Will LL Force or Nudge SL Residents into Sansar at Some Point? My Thoughts About This Topic Posed on New World Notes

New World Notes, a longstanding leading blog about SL, virtual worlds and VR has been posing discussion topics about Sansar and there has been much feedback over there about the if or when LL will "nudge" or "force" Second Life residents over to Sansar. Please visit that site to see more Friday's post here

  The topics of discussion and feedback has been thought provoking.  Everyone most likely reacts to different things in the posts as well as the comments.  Some of the comments from the initial post led me to ponder and write my reactions which I will share here.  Today I saw their follow up discussion that considers some of the things I was also wondering about.  This post is just one of my personal ramblings so of course feel free to skip it over if you like but I'm guessing these issues have been on all our minds.  I'll compare my thoughts I'm having now to reality in a few years and probably laugh at my ignorance and naivety on this topic.  But hey, it's my blog for me saving my thoughts. I hope this is not perceived as a rant.  It's not.  I'm a huge fan of LL.

SL is special to me because it is by the people for the people and almost anyone can do just about anything they want with a small amount of effort.  I hope Sansar maintains that at least, and also keeps the expense down.  If so, they probably won’t have to FORCE anyone to visit Sansar.

People can’t be forced to join any virtual platform they don’t like.   LL would do well to consider SL resident’s concerns though as obviously many SL residents will be a large percentage of the initial group to try Sansar out first.   I’m very eager to try in spite of absolutely loving my SL.  I’m curious about it and truly hope it’s amazing and meets my desires.  But I can’t speculate until it’s ready and I get in and try it out. I certainly have very high hopes and recognize LL wants to create an updated environment. I’m all for that.  There are many virtual platforms now so I’m not sure what Sansar will have to offer that will make people want to choose it over others.  Certainly SL has its own solid following, many of which will try or go full or part time to Sansar.   SL is a very special place that has a solid following based on its current activity design though.

Regarding some of the other comments at the above referenced site, I don’t know what will be lost or gained in Sansar until it’s up and running and we are in.  I do recognize there are producers who want to be the first to make their millions (per comments there) attaining fame or fortune but on the flip side they will also need consumers and the relatively talented few who are able to make a living working in a virtual world should appreciate the consumers for what they are and not disregard or say skeptics are not needed by Sansar.  Once it’s up and running those same skeptics or persons with concerns might be the best consumers helping to make someone else their desired millions or stay at home careers possible in a virtual world/Sansar.  We just don’t know right now.    Does Sansar want SL residents or non-productive low skilled persons? Well I certainly hope they should value them every bit as much as the producers.  If everyone is out to make their millions who will pay for all that? Are the talented few just going to make a world full of skilled people who all re-invest, thus completely supporting each other’s careers? Somehow I doubt it would work out that way. I've not heard Sansar's  plans about cost controls or how easy it will be to build like it is in SL  My comments are simply a reaction to some opinions in the original articles feedback section from residents.

The cost of everything should be kept low enough that consumers want to join for their own socialization, recreation, and creative expression.  People who can afford, will purchase from those who do produce quality products/entertainment just like in SL, and potentially bring in their friends who will do likewise.  If SL inventory is completely not portable, it would be nice if  SL residents be given incentives over non SL current residents to transition or at least visit regularly.

I’m a blogger and occasional venue owner which is how I contribute free PR and social/art space to those who produce music, art, clothing, various products, etc.  I enjoy it but I do it for FREE and in actuality I often pay big bucks for land, landscaping/products, time spent posting, etc..  I do it for my own fun and to support friends who produce or to show others what I’ve found that is cool which sends business to those producers. (It's notable I, like almost everyone else, LOVE that I am able to edit or create a little for a unique personal touch)  Of course it has less value than someone who spends significant time making  for example a mesh dresser in blender etc. but it still has some value.  This is what makes SL go round.  Some make amazing things while some make or edit their own small things or help others landscape or etc. while others just show up at a music crowd contributing their wit and amazing social skills thus making others happier to be there too which in turn brings in more crowds. The selfless fundraising people in SL are impressive and help the real world which provides SL some quality PR and this is also another good example of the point I’m trying to make.  So many people give of their time and talents for free for the benefit of others in and out of SL.  Many things have value and there is already much debate in SL over the expense vs value of not only clothes but also live music and those who support them in a variety of ways. There has been strong months-long debate and discussion about this over on Facebook specific to the live music community which really has been discussed for years.  SL and possibly Sansar can be enjoyed free or inexpensively but the enjoyment is significantly reduced when one can't afford to enjoy the basics most others purchase such as an individualize look or home etc.

  I hope Sansar appreciates consumers, socialites, and those who like to be creative on a small scale enough to keep expenses down vs everyone having to work hard to design and build mesh from scratch or simply catering to just those who as someone mentioned have more “skills” enough to make a living off others. Some SL residents like myself have also spent a small fortune off products made by others and it would be nice to be able to maintain some of that if not in Sansar at least in the SL we love and I strongly hope they keep SL growing for a very long time for us to play in when desired. I don’t mind having two virtual worlds if I love them both but I’d hate to have to pay huge double expense so someone can make their millions/livelihoods in both worlds while I start to have to pinch my pennies in both places or am forced to chose one over the other. I hope the producers, land owners who rent space, entertainers, money-makers and LL don’t forget who supported them in SL. 

 SL is special because it is by the people for the people and almost anyone can do just about anything they want with a small amount of effort.  I hope Sansar maintains that at least, and also keeps the expense down.  If so they probably won’t have to FORCE anyone to visit Sansar.  People will want to go. 

(Note there is a follow-up survey on the NWN post which I didn't participate in as there is no way I can speculate on their voting options.  Plus their terms force and nudge feel so negative for me to guess around with anyway. Again, time will tell.)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Burn 2, Fire Moon!

Burn 2, visit here:
A festival of fire, art and community... in Second Life
Burningman Burning Man BURN2 Burning Life TTITD
Official SL Burn 2 web site here:
Their site states :  "The first New Moon of 2017 will be on the 27th of January, which coincides with teh Chinese New Year on the 28th, bringing in teh Year of the Fire Rooster.  And thuse we arrive at the theme for our next event at BURN2: Fire Moon"

Burn 2
I've taken a few pics and captured some of the schedule of events for Sunday, their last day for this particular episode of their event.   You can also view the schedule and other related info on the web site. I've blogged the SL Burning man events many times so you can use the search to find out more about this SL event with periodic art/community involvement and displays that mimic the RL event in many ways.  They have a great sense of community at these events with lots of music, art, and playfulness, and a bunch of free gifts too as usual.

burn 2 schedule
Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2

Monday, January 16, 2017

LEA4, Spilling Juel Tones, by Suzen Juel

Visit LEA4, Spilling JueL Tones by Suzen Juel  here:

LEA4 hosted a live musicfest Saturday Jan 14th at her LEA4 sim.  This ia one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts full sim land grant areas.  Suzen Juel showcases her art and music and an immersive fantasy environment for us to enjoy. The sim info states, "Linden Endowment for the Arts
Dec 1- Feb 28th ... Spilling JueL Tones
-you are encouraged to explore all parts of sim-
JAN 14th 2017 - 10 hour Live Musicfest
Mixed Reality Art Install. Music. Live Music. Creative discussions. Songwriting. Eye Candy."
There are plenty of sitting/pose places within this build and I had to visit a couple of times before I was satisfied I had seen most of the many interesting details.

Suzen is a singer/songwriter who you can find all over the grid besides this LEA build.  Check out her web site here:

And now a few pictures.. and if you want to see more before visiting just click on one of these pics to go to my Flickr where there are a bunch more.  Happy exploring.

LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cica Ghost's Burning Opened Today

Visit Cica Ghost's Burning here:

Cica has a new sim, "Burning" that opened today, that's pretty cool, or I mean, hot.  I always love her stuff, and this is no exception.  The sim info. simply states, "Time is the fire in which we burn.
Dr. Soron"

Some helpful hints, turn up sounds to hear the hot fire crackling and bell, click around as there are fun pose spots, visit the store and tip Cica on that landing area, and meander through this scorched ruins of a small Cica style town surrounded by the desolate dry full sim.  Search for small details such as the cat and antennae'd crow. Have fun exploring!

Burning by Cica Ghost_006 Burning by Cica Ghost_020 Burning by Cica Ghost_017 Burning by Cica Ghost_011 Burning by Cica Ghost_003 (more pics on my Flickr if interested)