Saturday, November 18, 2017

Faces at LEA 23 by

Visit Faces here:

Today I explored Faces, an LEA 23 sim by Ilyra Chardin.  This is a very cool sim to explore with great concept and design. The landing area has info. about the sim, concept stats,  and the associated photography contest.  The sim is a cool exploration of the SL resident population by type.

 The sim info. reads: "What lies behind the FACES that we see?  Have you ever wondered about the person behind the avatar?  Wondered why they seemed so happy or perhaps why they seemed so bitter or angry?  This is their story. "

The landing area showcases large picture doorways into individual landscaped areas to explore.  The large pictures  or archetypes show various "types" of SL residents such as entertainer, fashion, business, role player and various types within these too. The landing area also provides some stats on the population of SL residents in general broken down by age, gender, income, education, etc etc. which I found interesting. I've often said and even discussed again today with a friend how there is such a variety of things to see and do in SL and how many people seem to find their niche that they like and don't venture out much and miss so much in SL.   That's fine if people are happy, however I do enjoy the variety of people, things, places, and stuff to do in SL and learning about it all.  This sim showcases some of that.  I only wish the doorway environments would have matched the type of venue or environment the presented avatar type portrayed, but they are great to wander into and enjoy nonetheless.  This sim is fun to explore SL possibilities or expand one's understanding of what may be available in SL, great for photography if your computer graphics aren't starting to fail like mine, and to learn a little more about your fellow residents.  Enjoy.

Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23 Faces LEA23

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dissected Soul by Theda Tammas at Split Screen LEA15

Visit  Dissected Soul by Theda Tammas at Split Screen LEA15 Here:

The sim notecard  reads: ""...I don’t know how many souls I have, I’ve changed at every moment, I always feel like a stranger.I’ve never seen or found myself..." -- Fernando Pessoa"

This is a cool build with sculptures that are somewhat shredded by the barbed wires of life or so it seems.  I think it's about identity issues but go and figure it out for yourself as it's fun to look at this large immersive build of figures wound in red lines/barely holding things together or maybe tangling things up.  Some figures are walking the fine line or are connected by just a bit of the red thread or maybe its a red string of  a heart piece that connects them or holds them keeping them from totally getting lost.  There is what my be a totally fractured heart in the middle and there is a figure holding up a mask .. seems to wont for more discussion of trials and tribulations one may encounter in life that tears them almost to pieces.  They may be healing and resealing, time and again changing in different ways or in how they present themselves as they try to discover themselves following a hardship.  But, really I don't know what it means so it's best just to go and see it because it's looks cool and is thought provoking. I have no clue what I just said but it seemed to make sense in my mind when I wrote it.... go check it out.  It looks interesting.... and I'm sure means something cool too.  Ask Divi . .he'll know ; )

Split Screen Split Screen Split Screen Split Screen Split Screen Split Screen Split Screen

Look What's Popping Up All Over the Grid-Product Review Riot Syrio Leggings

Syrio Men's Leggings by Riot -currently featured at the "Men's Only Monthly" event.
35 colors, 2 buldge types, fatpack includes exclusive fall colors. These fit Beleeza, Slink, Signature, Jake and Adam. (or you can alpha out others and give it a try)

This is a guilty pleasure product review of which I rarely do any more due to the old laptop getting bad for photos (don't want to poorly represent anyone's product) and of course mostly because I'm lazy now.  Scroll to the borrom for pics if you don't like to read.

Anyway, I just could not resist blogging this product.  I've been seeing it all over the grid lately and my first reaction was OMG .. I'm appalled.  That was my delicate side saying that to myself, then as time went by (like 2 seconds) my "other" side that quickly becomes desensitized as all good things in SL seemed to succumb to, I was like.. mmmm, it looks like it wants me to touch it.  So here I am blogging it.... I'll have to blog a bunch of other stuff quick too now though to bury the post so my friends, family, pastor, etc in real life don't see it now that I've totally outted my RL left on the blog after going to Dallas Jam and posting RL pics and stuff.  But somehow I just couldn't let this product go by unsaved for my blog.  Years from now I want to be able to come back and see how my SL progressed and while I am not usually a fan of promoting the idea that SL is all about sex, like the media would like for it to be seen, once in a while.. it is. Ok, I said it.  On a Sunday no less.  Anyway.. mostly my SL is about music, and art, and being creative, and having social time from the couch in my PJs, and more music and art and exploring new things.  I first saw them on Erik who was singing at the time then my friend Eli whose been out in them and others.  I grabbed MALT (male alt) and we both put on a pair for a photo)  Apparently they are affectionately referred to as the boner here it is........

Visit the Riot mainstore here:
Riot is actually a very good quality mesh store for men and women's clothing.
Their marketplace is here:
By them now at the Men's Only Monthly Event here:
Also YFI guys, this is a great event for you men to go shopping at if you don't have a girlfriend who does all your shopping for you.  They feature great quality products all in one location for easy, quick shopping.

(ok for the photos .. me and MALT -NO I dont usually wear guy parts it's a joke.. then we have cute Eli and Erik, and then the store display)

Riot Boner Tights for blog riot_002

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Linden Lab Improvements and also Cost Increases for Some Users

So, there has been much debate about the recent information LL put out 11-2-17 regarding upgrades and some added expenses for some users in Second life.  I just wanted to recap and add some interesting links on my blog for my (and anyone else who cares to consider) perusal and consideration.

First the LL post that seems to have incited or excited everyone one way or another. See here:

 LL talked about "Exciting Improvements to SL and Fee Updates to Enable Even More."  I'm sure you've heard about this already.  There is talk of Animesh, new games, enhanced customer service, enhanced premium benefits, better creation protection etc.  The improvements are looking good for us and I'm excited about that.  The concerns some people are having come with some fee increases specifically stated Nov 2, that  I quote here: "

-Effective today, the fee for buying L$ on the LindeX will be $0.99 per transaction (previously it had been $0.60 per transaction). These changes impact only buys on the LindeX, and the fees associated with buying L$'s during SL Marketplace transactions remain unchanged.
-On January 3, 2018, the fee for processing credit transactions (i.e. paying real money into a PayPal or Skrill account) will be 2.5% per transaction, with a $3 (USD) minimum, and no maximum. This fee is currently 1.5% per transaction, with a $3 (USD) minimum and a $25 (USD) maximum."

Blogger Inara Pey does a nice summery here:  be sure to read the comments too and the most recent update post also:  She does a great job with facts.

There is Hamlet Au's New World Notes post:  Here you will find more of the negativity associated with some of the associated fee increases.  Note the many comments.

Then there are the more average Joe Facebook comments that tend to get a lot of attention and comments from the regular people that may be a little more telling of the popular feel for things:

One that has some good information and feedback comments was from Gizem Mishi Akin the ever popular Blueberry owner/designer.  While she is not an "average Joe" in SL.. there are many follow up comments of interest.  Giz actually sounds supportive of the fee increases and intelligently lists out the reasons why. even though the fees will affect her as much or more than most others as a big business owner. In general the changes seem to favor consumers vs. business persons. She makes some very good points I feel people should consider before jumping to criticize.   Check it out here:  (click directly on the Facebook tag or the "see more" and you'll have to sign into your FB account to be able to get the full threat and comments-but honestly some of the best made points I've seen about it)

Basically if you want to play you must pay .. at least a little in order to play better.  A person technically can play and have fun for free though.   Compared to other things it's a relatively small increase for the value.  Please don't freak people.  Stay positive.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Land of Owls, by Cica Ghost

Visit Land of Owls by Cica Ghost here:

Check out Cica Ghost's "Land of Owls" her new build this October 30th that features owls that move their heads and sit atop some somewhat barren trees, a few smalls stone buildings, flowers, a few other birds, some pose seating and moving carts that seat one or two, that roll around the terrain for a nice tour.  In fact, the only sim description at this point simply states: "Take a cart through the land of owls.".  The set sim lighting/sound is great and adds to the serene ambiance.   Once again Cica provides a nice calming serene setting to explore and maybe take some pictures in. Cica Ghost Land of Owls

(I caught a pic of Cica in her sim)

Cica Ghost Land of Owls Cica Ghost Land of Owls Cica Ghost Land of Owls Cica Ghost Land of Owls Cica Ghost Land of Owls

Thursday, October 26, 2017

LEA13, Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

Visit Floating here:
Two of my fav SL artists/builders Bryn Oh, and Cica Ghost  teamed up to build "Floating". Basically it seems to be about the disparity between the haves and have nots, wealthy living and poverty housed, with of course. some whimsy and fun to enjoy while exploring the parcel.  There is a zap gun at the landing you can get for free to blast your friends with and you can ride and float around on an umbrella or enjoy smashing into block or have them drop on you.  If you wander this mostly monochromatic landscape you can voyeur into the lives of the wealthy or those of  lower level living or pod housing.  These two artists never disappoint me.  Check it out.

Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost Floa<a data-flickr-embed=Floating by Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dallas Jam 2017-Second Life Musicians and Fans in Dallas in First Life

Dallas Jam 2017 -Skip to the bottom if you just want to see photos, this post is long.

See Gwampa/Bruce's professional pics here:
(I'm in 27th-30th and more up close in the 34th and 35th)

And videos (you do have to sign in but its easy to do) here:
If you want to see and here ME (yeah.. finally totally outting myself I guess) check out this one around 6:13

As you can tell, I've slowed myself way down in SL the past couple of years and this includes my blog posts and socialization.  I'm still in SL a lot but have mellowed after so many hours/years inworld and have become less productive and more relaxed in my play.   After all this time I've only met one SL resident in first life prior to the Dallas Jam and that was because I was  vacationing in the area. I never intended to meet anyone, as SL was meant to be my down time in the evening after a hard worked day and that's that. But we all know SL friends are more than a hobby really.    This year I broke down and signed up for one of the real/first life music jams I've been hearing about for many years.  Basically the musicians were meeting up and playing their music together in RL and fans started to want to come too.  Way back in the day Linden Labs also used to hold community conventions where people would meet up and socialize in RL, but they went by the wayside some years back.  The music jams have only increased in popularity, size, and excitement.  Facebook has a bunch of first life photos on many of the attendees posts.  And be SURE to see the wedding photos, yes there was a real wedding.. and it was awesome.

I call this my lost files as I was not very good about documenting my fun, didn't even get many selfies until the last day, most my pics turned out in poor quality and I found for the 5th time my lost music jam virgin song we were GOING to sing but never seemed to get to, so I'll just write out here on my post.  Gwampa/Bruce documents very well anyway, so if you want to check out his photos and video you should check out his sites/links above. The big group photos were taken in the Halloween costume theme and unfortunately I had my mask on but remembered to lift it up for the "ladies" group shot and the "virgins" group shot.  The virgins are first time jammers and this year there were only 9 of us and the rest have all been to at least one before.  They say if you go to one you'll want to get to more.. I feel that way too.

Highlights for me: 
Time with friends, old and new, music, THE WEDDING (Taunter/Deb and Rob), costumes, A 1:30am fire alarm and evacuation, blue jello shots, spiked gummies, chocolate pudding shots, moonshine, Tiaras and pearl necklaces all around, speedo, furry shenanigans, and did I mention THE MUSIC and THE PEOPLE. 

Thank Yous: 
Since this is my blog and was made initially mostly for myself to save my good SL memories and somehow morphed into a full fledged blog before everyone and their brother started blogging too, I still want to use a lot of words and pictures and save my memories of my first SL jam here, so bear with me or move on to the photos if you like.

 I want to say a huge thanks to a few people in particular.  First of all Renee / Luka =host, Bruce /Gwampa Lomasky=video/photographer, Matthew =sound guy (who also sings and plays multiple instruments), ALL the musicians for some amazingly talented and entertaining music, and special residents who helped make my first visit more comfortable and welcome, Cryptic Harmony, OMG, way fun and sweet, adorable and so talented too (be sure to hear her shows inworld) Jorrdan Jarrman, of Whispering Sands Live Promotions, a good friend who was also a first timer, Toysoldier Thor, another good friend and so much fun! (I think he goes to all of them and knows the ropes and contributes a lot to the fun and errr the Facebook posts LOL), Agatha and Collin, both beautiful inside and out and welcoming to everyone, (again be sure to catch their inworld shows) Gina Stella, so talented, pretty, and sweet and we reconnected the last night after having known of each other years ago (of course I've also caught many of her shows), Maddy, she was awesome and I noticed made a point of making the rounds talking to and greeting everyone and chatting, super friendly, I think she said manager for Hogan, Kat, glad to get to know you better and you and Cryptic were so fun (OMG the costumes), Hunson and J, love your sounds and spirit, Lyndon Heart (Not sure I'll ever wash that kiss off my cheek you talented man), Maurice and Meegan (Jeff/singer, and Meegan/After Dark Venue) so good to get to know you!, Thunder, just wow on those drums, nice to meet you. Elske!, Eli,  and some others I briefly connected or  reconnected with after having known them more in the past inworld, Art, Starfish, Crap (We needed more time and a photo!),  and some new friends,... ok wait.. I"m about to list everyone at the jam for something special about each of them, I better stop here but you all know you are special.  Just like Second Life each of the attendees contributed something special to my experience. THANK YOU JAMMERS

And now the Dallas Jam specifics:
Location: Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham DFW Airport North 5000 Plaza Drive Irving, TX 75063 +1-972-871-1412
Date: Oct. 19-22, 2017
Attendee, Musicians and Fans:-Musicians: Agatha Nowles, Arturo Martinsyde, Bat Masters, Bearsheart, Benude Cleanslate, Beth Odets, Boney Mosely, ChicagoSax, Chris Darkstone, Collin Martin, Cryptic Harmony, Djembe Dragonfire, Edward Lowell, Effie Emmons, Gandalf Mornington, Gina Stella, Hojo Warf, Hunson Abadeer, ohbehave (J. Lively), Juel Resistance, Katydid Something, Krell Karu, Levi Hyx, Lyndon Heart, Mamma Saiz, Matthew Perreault, Maurice Mistwalker, One2Luv Resident, Porter Paquot, PT Beardmore, Seren McGillivary, Starrfish Ohmai, Strum Diesel, Taunter Goodnight, Thuderfoot Lorefield, Twostep Spiritweaver, Wofie Moonshadow,
-Super Fans: Asonga Strangelove, Bob Bowie Zeplin, Byte, Cellandra Zon, Crap Mariner, Dak Harbinger, Dana Desiree Cleanslate, dls Falconer, DniasRos (Ross), Electra Spearson, Eli Schlegal, ElskeKolbu, Fetzer Magic, Fijilove, Gwampa Lomu, Guru Witt, Harley Wytchwood, jared swords, Jim Urso, Jorrdan Jarman, Kachja Mistwalker, Kara Trapdoor, Kat Chauveau, Kate Hershey, Kiki Utherwurdly, Lark Ascending, Lita Windstrom, LoganSands, Maddi Thespian, Marissa Goodliffe, Meegan Danitz, Mia Kitchensink, Michael (With Katydid), Nyna Slate, Poppy McDunnough, Riley Boccaccio, Sedna Lomu, Serenity Dimanovic, Smidge Frimon, Stephanie Merrienboer, Suzzie Halsey, SydneyBristo, Tara Reardon, Tay Beningborough, thknrdy Resident, Toysoldier Thor, Tyche Szondi, Vala Lunamor, Vette Sweetwater, Zany Xevious, Zarah Dawn

The Virgin Song that Never was:  
The Virgins traditionally pose for a photo so it's there for a keepsake.  This was MY first year so I was into this.  This years virgins were: Myself, Kiki Underwurldly, Starfish Ohmai, J Lively, Jorrdan Jarrman, Jared Swords, Electra Spearson, and
You can see the pic of us here, sans Jorr.... who knows where he went.
Gwampa told the virgins we had 2 jobs, 1) Make our virgin poster for the picture and be on time for it and 2) sing a song as the virgin group. 
The Song (sung to the turn of Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay)
Lyrics by Starfish, myself, and Kiki threw together in a few minn over lunch.

Sitting at the Dallas Jam,
All Virgins ..2 girls and 2 mans
Watching all the jello shots go in
Then we all wanna be back here again

Virgins for the very last time
Just give us a call for a good time
Thanks for letting us join in
This song is our initia-shin
(kneels with arms up-"Supa-Stars"!!

Too bad we didnt sing it LOL  It seemed like a better idea at the time when we were writing it but maybe not : )

Considering Attending One?
And finally a word to all considering a jam, I've heard people are nervous not really "knowing" anyone, or how they might appear to others who only know them as their beautiful 25 year old avatar or whatever the concerns I've heard are, but this group has enough repeat participants at each that they seem to recognize the first timers and embrace them, and even if they don't know you they are all super welcoming to all.  It's like one big happy beautiful family made up of people of all ages over 21, (at least I think Hunson is over 21) and up, all shapes and sizes and political affiliation, and personalities coming together for the love of music and Second life.  5 minutes and I'm sure anyone would feel comfortable here.  Alcohol does help however.

I'm starting to have withdrawal, can't anyone with a sim pull off a inworld Dallas Jam 2017 reunion? Like each singer gets a song in the hour then I can see the SL names/avatars to go with the RL persons I met that I didnt previously know and friend them inworld too!

My Photos: 
(Actually the one of me and Agatha she took with the selfie stick so credits to her, and she got a nice one/better quality, all my stuff is starting to go downhill smh)

(If you really want to know whose is who, click on the pic and the Flickr linked will list most of them-I know a couple are doubled, sorry, there were so many I wanted to collage them and got confused and too burned out with that to go back and fix )

Dallas Jam, me/Gina, Me/Toy, Me/Jorr, Me/Agatha Dallas Jam 2017 -The Wedding Taunter/Deb and Rob Dallas Jam 2017 Cryptic, Jorr, Gina and Agatha, Hunson, Toy, Meegan, Maurice Dallas jam me and otherrs Dallas jam final Dallas jam misc Dallas Jam group shots Dallas jam extras Dallas Jam Dallas Jam/me roadtrip